Operation Rescue Chiwa Begins
Chapter 33
Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Chapter: 33
Japanese Title: 千羽救出作戦開始
Romanized Title: Chiwa Kyūshutsu Sakusen Kaishi
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: July 18, 2012
Shonen Sunday: Issue 2012-33
Chapter Chronology
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Operation Rescue Chiwa Begins is the 33rd chapter of Fukuchi Tsubasa's Anagle Mole.


Luchiru, Kyousuke, Aruru and Train-Gou reach Kita City. They spot a guard at the entrance and so leave Train-Gou to  distract him, Kyousuke taking the other two into the city via underground. They surface in a food storage area. Luchiru tells Kyousuke to change into Majin clothes while he looks for Chiwa. In the city Papamut tells Luchiru (who is wearing a mask) to be discreet and notices him asking a man has he seen Chiwa with a picture that Stalker drew.

Inside the food storage the clothes Kyousuke has are made of titanium spider thread, improving his defenses. Kyousuke asks if Luchiru would be okay and Aruru backs him into a corner saying that though Luchiru is afraid of many things (like small Majuu and being unable to see behind him when washing his hair) he has a strength no other Majin has and so will be okay. Another Majin, Googles, hears their conversation and walks in. Aruru, recognizing him, tries to get rid him quickly by saying she and her lackey (Kyousuke) were conversing about how useless Luchiru is, remembering Googles high light level. Googles talks down Luchiru enough to piss off Kyousuke but Aruru beats him to the punch, knocking Googles across the room. Googles says its because the scum Luchiru got involved and Aruru said he won't breath again.


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