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Luchiru (ルチル, Ruchiru) is the main protagonist of Fukuchi Tsubasa's Anagle Mole. He is currently a Majin, who is homestaying with the Kusanagi Family.


Luchiru has purplish-pink hair and brown eyes. Like every Majin, Luchiru wears Miguards. Luchiru usually wears a black fur coat matching his black Miguards. There are two red/orange swirls near his shoulders on his black fur coat. He wears orange pants with white swirls near his thighs.


Luchiru is naive and initially very afraid and dumbstruck with the most rudimentary things such as shaking hands and homestay. He also, as the rest of the Majin, believed that humans were freakishly stronger than themselves when in reality it was the other way around. At first he was wary of everyone within the Kusanagi home, preforming his mission dutifully (albeit fearfully) and collecting data on each of them, discovering in the process how weak humans truly are. Later on, when he is given the change to return to the Underground and be praised as a hero he declines, refusing to have the Majins hurt his new family.

Luchiru also has a large sense of pride; as even though for years he's been ridiculed for his weak Majinagram he never stayed on the ground - he picked himself back up and continously yearned for others' acceptance. He continued this until he realized that he didn't fear being isolated - he feared lonliness itself, and with Chiwa and her family he wouldn't feel lonely anymore. Luchiru is also not above deceit, as when he lied to the Boss of the Hole that he was "the underling of Demon King Kyousuke". He also likes his family very much, as when he attempted to sacrafice himself for their sake.


Luchiru volunteers

Luchiru volunteers to spy on humans

In Anaguland, Luchiru didn't live with his parents like regular Majins and he also went to school, where they trained him to use his Majinagram, with other Majin children. But there he was treated differently, he was treated like an outcast, always alone, always being bullied, just because he was a "pebble" (a Majin considered to have a weak Majinagram). But Arulu did play with him but mostly bullying him and they had a sort of master and a servant relationship. But even being put through all this, he didn't give up. He tried and tried time and time again to be the same as everyone else, to be treated the same as other Majin children, but to no avail. But finally when they started to recruit Majin children spies to invade aboveground and collect data on humans, Luchiru volunteered and he was the only child to volunteer in fact (because Majins are scared of humans). So he can prove to everyone that he is strong enough to do this mission and he can face the humans, so he can be.... normal.


Spy ArcEdit

Luchiru Arrives!Edit

A tour guide is showing tourists around and informing them about Mt.Rushmore. Starting back from its history, the presidents on it, and its purpose while the people are taking pictures of it. A small boy, a part of the group notices something under Abraham Lincoln's nose and considers it to be snot. He tells his mom this, who obviously doesn't believe him and just plays along. But it is impossible for it to be snot instead the it is an organisim from the depths of earth, the enemy of humanity, a Majin! At that moment Luchiru pops out of the nose and falls hard on the ground. Instead of being hurt, he is overjoyed that after what seemed to be months of climbing, Luchiru finally made it to the surface. He starts screaming to the sky that he is the Majin to climb to the surface but then is blinded by the sun since its his first time seeing it. He starts rolling around in pain because his eyes start burning. He asks Bahamut what that thing is? Bahamut pops out of Luchiru's shirt and starts screaming "Pugaah" and points at the sun. Luchiru, able to understand what Bahamut said, finally realizes that is the "sun" he heard so much about. But he is still surprised that there could be such a huge amount of light source and he finally concludes that the blue, wide, and endless thing around the sun is the "sky"! He starts staring at it in awe and admires it. Now he gets furious that the humans have been keeping these wonderful things to themselves and that the Majins are gonna take the sun and the skies. Then the boy who noticed him before comes to him and asks him his condition after the fall, only for Luchiru to scream. The boy continues to ask him questions but Luchiru panics and runs away. Luchiru starts questioning to Bahamut why humans live close by, and is this a tourist trap. He mentally states that if he gets spotted by humans now and they find out he's a Majin, they'll be able to defeat him easily and his whole plan will be ruined. He runs into the tour group, so he unleashes his Majinagram, Dekos to escape and leaves the humans wondering if that was strong wind ignoring the hole left by Luchiru.

A few monthes later in Japan in Oyama train station people stop to stare at Luchiru standing on top of the train screaming "Trains Are Awesome!" He gets off and starts talking about the train while people stare and giggle. Luchiru starts to remember all that he learned about humans in Anaguland, that humans are monsters that candestroy them in one touch (but it isn't true, the Majins believe this since they never met humans and their information about them got twisted and corrupted. And it is because of this rumor that Majins fear humans and they never tried to come upto the surface until now. Luchiru and Bahamut are hiding in a corner and trying to calm themselves say that luck is on their sides still because haven't realized that they are Majin. Luchiru warns Bahamut not to get surprised no matter what. Just then Chiwa suddenly appears in front of them and greets them, making Luchiru panic and scream only for Bahamut to hit him telling him not to get surprised in his "pugaah" language. She comes to his aid and introduces herself saying that you will be homestaying with her from now on and she sticks out her hand.

Luchiru recalls back at his underground home his conversation with their leader. He tells Luchiru many stuff about humanity like things that can fly and the sea. He explains this while holding a glass of water in his hand. He tells him about human's ability to simply touch Majin and cause them to explode and die (but of course thtas not true) but the Majin's information of humans is too fragmented and Luchiru's mission is to collect more data about them. He tells Luchiru to find a weakness about them, smashing the glass. But Luchiru wonders how that is possible. Only for the leader to reply he has an idea and starts explaining about "Families" and "Communties" and that they are a group of people who share the same bloodline, which is beyond the Majin's understanding. The plan is to intergrate into one "Family" using a system called "Homestay". Luchiru starts comparing this to the system of the Majins called Magna Daruta and Muchimubasara. The leader tells Luchiru that the arrangements have been made.

Back to the present time Chiwa is waiting for Luchiru to shake her hand. But Luchiru backs up screaming. He mentally reassures himself saying he has to calm down, he has to get into this family thing, he has to gather information because he is a spy! He starts crawling to her thinking this isnt just an acheivement for him but for all Majinkind and this is what he was born to do so he cant get scared by her. He brings out his hand and introduces himself shivering all over. To match his level Chiwa crouches and shakes his hand, smiling. Luchiru starts staring at her and takes a liking to her hair, which makes Chiwa blush and feel embarrassed, accidently touching Luchiru's head. Then he starts rolling around screaming hes gonna die. He stops when Chiwa starts talking about herself saying her hair is her pride and joy and she starts remembering when she was little and her Older Brother combing her hair and then sighs remembering Kyousuke. She starts saying she thought those days were gonna last forever but they didnt and thats how a family is. She apologizes to Luchiru for talking about herself but Luchiru says whos the people behind Chiwa. It turns out to be kidnappers who knock out Chiwa and takes her away in a car leaving Luchiru to wonder what just happened. The people in the train station start panicking while Luchiru doesn't understand what happened.

Luchiru tries to find her so he uses Bahamut's sense of smell, which eventually leads him to a rundown building outsis de of town. He enters the building and pops up in front of the tied Chiwa, blocking a ball that was aimed at her face by the bandits who kidnapped her, and not even noticing it hit him saying, "I Found you!" Luchiru starts telling her to not abandon them and its all because of Bahamut's sense of smell that they found Chiwa but everyone (including the bandits and Kyousuke Kusanagi) is surprised how he didn't get hurt at all. Chiwa asks about his condition since he just got hit in his head. Then he realized he did feel something and starts wondering if it was from the touch back then in the train station. So then he starts rolling around again screaming hes gonna explode. The gang leader reassures himself that he did get hurt and hes just slow and asks who he is. He replies that he is a human which everyone can see. He gets furious and throws a ball straight in Luchiru's face shocking Chiwa and Kyousuke. But Luchiru didn't even get hurt but instead wonders if this is a game. Luchiru starts anaylizing the ball while the gang hits him in the head with bats but stil to no avail. Luchiru starts to think that this is a game after remembering that he learned about "Sports" before. He starts remembering Majin games like "Poposu-Poiposu" and "Pepenno-Peponno" and tells Bahamut to pay attention.

He grabs the ball while one of the gang members charge at him. Luchiru screams "Pepenno!" and shoves the ball in his face and he starts flying until he hits the wall, shocking everyone! The other guys start screaming but Luchiru continues to play the game taking them down, leaving only the gang leader. Luchiru feels great thinking he can be a human while everyone is thinking he is not human. The leader tries to put up a fight but it was the same result, utter defeat, since Majins are actually way stronger than humans. Now that they are defeated Luchiru, Chiwa, and Kyosuke on Chiwa's back walk back home. Chiwa starts thanking Luchiru and asks him if he knows karate. Luchiru agrees (even thought he has no idea what that is). Luchiru starts whispering to Bahamut that those guys were really weird because after the game they stopped moving and during the game they were so weak. Then Luchiru starts to worry if he played the wrong game. And all three of them walk home together.

Luchiru's new familyEdit

The next day, Luchiru is screaming to the "sky" and the "sun" that they will be the Majins and laughing loudly, near the place where he first landed. Then comes the small boy he first met telling him why did he come here so willfullingly and this is the place of the humans and he transforms into a monster with claws and his eyes loses his pupils. Soon more human monsters come screaming that they will kill Luchiru, which Luchiru starts screaming only to find out he was having a nightmare in his new bed in his new house. Still in the nightmare he uses his Majinagram, Dekos, shaking up the house and waking up Chiwa Kusanagi above. She quickly goes to Luchiru's room to see what happened, while Luchiru finally wakes up. He doesnt realize where he is and starts calling for Bahamut only to find him slammed into the wall by Luchiru's Majinagram. Luchiru comes to the wounded Bahamut's aid and asks him who did this to him, only for him to answer that it was Luchiru who did it. Luchiru realizes it was him in his half-asleep state and Bahamut reminds him not to use his Majinagram too often, since humans can't use Majinagram. Luchiru understands saying if he uses it too much humans will find it he is a Majin and he needs to find the human's weakness. Bahamut nods and Luchiru says they will find their weakness because they are spi- (trying to say "spies" but gets interrupted) just then Chiwa comes bursting through the door to see what had happened. But she overheard but instead she thought they said "spa-", Luchiru thought she heard it all so he tried to figure out what to say instead.

But Chiwa thinks they said "spaghetti" and said she will make it for tonight's dinner and she finds the hole Luchiru made with his Majinagram andgets surprised, screaming. Luchiru apologizes but then puts on a solemn face. Chiwa wonders why is he acting so weird and asks him, only for him to reply who she is. Chiwa gets angry and re-introduces herself and Luchiru finally remembers that he is homestaying with her. Luchiru starts to remember his mission and starts getting scared of her since all Majins believe humans are stronger than them (but its the opposite). Chiwa just keeps on talking about her family while Luchiru just stands in fear recalling what he has to do. Chiwa takes him to the living room and tells him to wait for everyone else so they can eat breakfast. After Chiwa leaves the room, Luchiru whispers to Bahamut that they have to find the strongest member of the house. And if they find the "head" of the family they could avoid trouble and those are the basics of a spy, and Luchiru is overheard again but this time by Makoto Kusanagi, the youngest member of the family. Makoto starts to attack him, since they never met before, and compares Luchiru to a villain from an anime. Luchiru crouching in fear starts thinking its the end and he's the strongest member of the family. But before Makoto can attack Luchiru with his stick, he was stopped by his mother, Towako Kusanagi. She grabs him and apologizes to Luchiru and tells him to get accustomed here since this happens everyday. She takes Makoto out of the room and tellls him to wash his face for breakfast. Then Luchiru thinks that she is the head of the family, but then Kyousuke Kusanagi comes in and calls his mother a hag and asks why there is so much noise in the morning.

The mother then asks him if he got into another fight again and starts nagging him to stop fighting, only for him to yell at her to stop treating him like a kid. Luchiru shakes in fear thinking that he's actually on top. That's when Chiwa comes in and punches Kyousuke on the head for calling their mother a hag, making Chiwa the head of the family to Luchiru. And thats when Seijuurou Kusanagi, their grandfather, hits Chiwa for hitting her younger brother and Luchiru just screams in fear thinking that he's the real head of the family. Chiwa protest saying she hit him because Kyousuke called their mother a hag. The grandfather questions him only for him to answer that a hag is a hag making the grandfather snap and punch him hard in the face, making him fly. The grandfather notices Luchiru and questions him. Luchiru, shaking in fear, thinking if the grandfather finds out that Luchiru is a Majin, its all over so he introdues himself and Bahamut. The grandfather is delighted to meet him and he calls him Luchi-boy as his nickname. Then they all sit together to eat breakfast and Luchiru is happy that he was able to decieve them all including the head. Then Makoto and grandfather start playing around where Makoto playfully beats him up (Luchiru takes it seriously) pretending the grandfather is an anime villain. Luchiru wonders how the weakest member of the family is beating up the head and comes to the conclusion that the Kusanagi family has an endless power balance, showing a cycle of each person dominating another and continues without end, which frightens Luchiru. And the whole family start to eat breakfast together.


Luchiru majinagram

Luchiru's Majinagram



With this Majinagram, Luchiru can summon columns from any substance.


With this Majinagram, Luchiru can create holes in any substance.



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